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The design and the history of the radio.cubo exclusively displayed at La Rinascente in Milan

Basement floor – Design Super Market (floor -1)

Reliability and ease of use, durability and beauty, technology and design, ergonomics and chromatic vivacity. These are just some of the features of the TS502 transistor radio, better known as the Brionvega cubo.

Designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper in 1964 following a long research on the shapes that furnishing complements and accessories should take to try to keep up with the times, thus adapting not only to the new style of furniture but also to new needs.

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Today the best radio.cubo ever is updated and includes a new rechargeable lithium battery to allow you to always carry it with you and never leave you alone. The same materials as back then. The ZAMAX metal alloy, the 6 subsequent processes, the choice of plastics and packaging, make the object precious.

Radio has never been so iconic and technological. Listen to your favorite radio stations digitally thanks to the DAB/DAB+ function or in FM and wake up with the right notes thanks to the programmable clock radio. Radio.cubo 50° is also equipped with a remote control for convenient remote control and an input for a second speaker, for an even more complete listening experience!

radiocubo Rinascente immagine3

With radio.cubo 50°, playing your favorite playlists in the highest quality from your smartphone, tablet or PC has never been easier thanks to the latest generation Bluetooth. Or via cable via Aux connection. Listen to your music in high definition directly from Spotify, Deezer or any other streaming music program!

A timeless object, able to maintain its function and place in home furnishings for another 50 years, a real ART PRODUCT.

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The personalized exhibition dedicated to the timeless design of the radio.cubo will be active until April in the Rinascente store in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

Come and discover the evolution of radio.cubo design over the years and the other Brionvega’s ART PRODUCTS, you will find us in the basement floor Design Super Market (floor -1).

Discover new radio.cubo 50°