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Our point of view is uniquely informed by MoMA’s historical relationship to design.
In 1932, The Museum of Modern Art established the world’s first curatorial department devoted to architecture and design. MoMA has long recognized design’s important role in our culture alongside more traditional mediums like painting and sculpture.
Our selection process is unlike any other.
First, we assess a potential new product against our design filters, a set of 8 criteria that we use to ensure every item is a good fit with our vision of good design. Next, each proposed product is evaluated by MoMA’s curatorial department. Only those items that make it through these two steps successfully can become part of our assortment.
Our assortment, like the pieces in MoMA’s Architecture and Design Department, is item driven.
We identify a particular design object that epitomizes an important movement, collection, or designer rather than creating a complete catalog of every item of a movement, collection, or artist.

Mohd Milano


Since 1968 we have been dealing with interior design and furnishings. First as a craft factory, then as a showroom for the most prestigious brands. Since 2011, we share our experience and our know-how online. MOHD is a container of design, art and beauty. We select the best national and international design to offer you the opportunity to create a unique and original selection, always guaranteeing quality and transparency. MOHD’s philosophy is to combine beauty and good taste with particular focus on care and research of details, our guidelines. Our mission is to support authentic design for the dissemination of original ideas.
MOHD, inspired by beauty!

Rinascente Milano

la Rinascente

Past, present and future of Italy’s most elegant department store.
In its 150 years history, la Rinascente has enjoyed moments of great success and has always lived up to the fame of its Brand, but most of all it has been able to read the signs of time, changing direction at the right moment and becoming a point of reference for high quality shopping.

Drivepro China


Drivepro was founded in Shenzhen in 2004. Drivepro is a lifestyle store of design collectibles, travel accessories, arts and crafts, quality lighting, antiques, vintage home accessories and classic furniture.

the conran shop Korea

The Conran Shop

The Conran Shop is the home of considered design and curated living. Offering a unique and distinctive blend of design classics and future collectables its innovative edit has inspired and excited visitors for generations. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, the Conran name has established itself as a brand synonymous with all areas of design.

Editori Korea


Editori is a music and lifestyle shop where you can find furniture and lighting that suits you in one place.



Since 2008, Bredaquaranta has been selecting the best brands and the best interior design solutions to create complete and customized residential projects. The main objective is to help customers create their own ideal home, in which quality, aesthetics and functionality combine in the utmost harmony.

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