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Our point of view is uniquely informed by MoMA’s historical relationship to design.
In 1932, The Museum of Modern Art established the world’s first curatorial department devoted to architecture and design. MoMA has long recognized design’s important role in our culture alongside more traditional mediums like painting and sculpture.
Our selection process is unlike any other.
First, we assess a potential new product against our design filters, a set of 8 criteria that we use to ensure every item is a good fit with our vision of good design. Next, each proposed product is evaluated by MoMA’s curatorial department. Only those items that make it through these two steps successfully can become part of our assortment.
Our assortment, like the pieces in MoMA’s Architecture and Design Department, is item driven.
We identify a particular design object that epitomizes an important movement, collection, or designer rather than creating a complete catalog of every item of a movement, collection, or artist.

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6ixth Sense

Founded in April 2016, 6IXTH SENSE LA established itself in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The brand name combines the ideas of (a) sixth sense – an extrasensory perception, and (b) a lifestyle store, located along the 6th street. Offering high-quality designs to our customers, we take pride in our identity and exceptional intuition.

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Dubai Audio

Dubai Audio was born in 1994 of a passion for music and the high-fidelity equipment that gives heart and soul to sound.

Established by three brothers, Ahmed, Adil and Amir, the business began in Deira, the heart of Old Dubai. The company’s unique combination of technical expertise and personal product demonstrations attracted a growing clientele. With growth and time, Dubai Audio moved into a specially designed showroom on the Sheikh Zayed Road. Today, Dubai Audio offers an unparalleled selection of world-renowned Hi-Fi, home cinema, lifestyle, and CE brands that offer uncompromising performance – all backed by a connoisseur’s dedication to detail and consistently superlative customer service.

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VERSO: Design Furniture, Objects & Lighting

VERSO is a furniture and design gallery headquartered in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City that focuses on the narratives that bridge designers’ concepts, artisan techniques and final objects. Collections include bespoke, limited edition and open series furniture and art pieces from a curated group of international designers.

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