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Italian wood


The new finish of the radiofonografo rr226

In June 2023, a new cherry finish will be launched for the classic radiofonografo. The new cherry finish will be available in an exclusive limited edition of 100 pieces.

Italian wood

Well before people were able to reproduce music, as we do today at home, and soundwaves were transmitted by the speaker systems that we have got to know and love so well, wood was the material by which all human culture and civilisation were spread and transmitted.
Wood is also the material through which mankind began to experiment with forms of artistic expression, as can be seen in this 12,500 year-old wooden sculpture: one of the first works of art in history.

Thanks to its unparalleled physical qualities, wood has always been the material of choice for making musical instruments. Many years after this sculpture, a luthier in Cremona by the name of Antonio Stradivari created priceless wooden violins which have gone down in history and which today are sold at auction for millions of euros.

Italian wood

Cherrywood, in particular, has always played a prominent role in home furnishings, in Italy, but also in many other parts of the world. Thanks to its beauty and durability, it has been used to make furniture, floors, wall panels, doors and windows since antiquity. Cherrywood is also afforded extra special attention compared to other types of wood in Japan.

For the Japanese, this wood symbolises beauty, but also the passing of time and transience. This is because of its characteristic flowers (sakura) which blossom and fall in a very short space of time.
This concept of transience was also incorporated in their traditional architecture, where cherrywood is used to create sliding doors and windows that offer an easy passage between spaces: a wood therefore tasked with setting the rhythm of our lives and living spaces.

Italian wood

BRIONVEGA chooses to pay homage to its classic radiofonografo with the beauty and elegance of cherrywood: a wood that symbolises rebirth after winter.

Warm-coloured with nuances that range from golden brown to reddish, cherry is a fine-textured wood with a straight and regular grain. Thanks to its low porosity, Cherry is an excellent wood for transmitting soundwaves and it is no coincidence that it was chosen by Renzo Piano for the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome, one of Italy’s best-known music venues.

The classic BRIONVEGA radiofonografo in the new cherry finish will be available from June 2023 in our store and in selected showrooms; ready to embellish and bring warmth to homes that can’t resist the temptation of this timelessly alluring art product.

The cherry finish is introduced following the interest of enthusiasts in the 100-piece limited edition radiofonografo PRIMO. This special edition, which sold out on 15 April 2023 and which was released to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the launch of the radiofonografo, was a reproduction of the first prototype created by the Castiglioni brothers; a prototype made from walnut.