Quickly becoming a cult object, radio.cubo 50° encapsulated all the desire for rebellion, novelty and colour that developed during the 1960s.

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Pop up the Volume

After more than fifty years the ts502 radiocubo – Brionvega’s iconic pop radio – returns.
Designed in 1964 by Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso, radiocubo is a paean to the Italy of those years, its transformations and its freedom.

radiocubo parallax riga 1
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Its iconic form consists of two cube-shaped volumes: one containing the speaker, the other the electronics.
When open the interaction between the two modules generates a stereophonic effect, when closed it becomes an elegant coloured shell.

radio cubo nera ambientate2
radio cubo nera ambientate1
radio cubo bianca ambientate1
radio cubo giallo ambientate2
radio cubo rosso ambientate1
radio cubo giallo ambientate1
radio cubo arancio ambientate1

Brionvega’s pop cube returns with up-to-date components and connections but remains faithful to the original in terms of its unmistakable profile and with a Made in Italy design in the materials.
USB input and built-in Bluetooth, stereo FM radio and digital radio, made from ZAMAK metal alloy and equipped with a lithium battery that guarantees up to 6 hours of continuous listening.
radio.cubo 50° is available in orange, white, yellow, black and red.


Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper

In the early 1960s, began an important collaboration between German designer Richard Sapper and the designer and architect Marco Zanuso, a partnership that would last for many years. Brionvega, an Italian electronics company which aimed to compete with Japanese and German producers, commissioned Sapper and Zanuso to create several radio and television sets. These products soon became icons of Italian design.

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Make Radio Pop Again

Brionvega chooses to celebrate more than 50 years of the ts502 radiocubo with the special radio.cubo 50° edition.
radio.cubo 50° includes a new rechargeable lithium battery which, as well as enabling you to take it wherever you go, also guarantees up to 6 hours of listening time. radio.cubo 50° has a unique and unmistakable Made in Italy design and is made from the same materials as the original radiocubo: a ZAMAK metal alloy produced by 6 successive processes. The careful choice of plastics and packaging, the timeless profile and the iconic design make radio.cubo 50° a valuable object: modern and pop but with an eye on the past.

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