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Marco Zanuso

In 1965 radio grattacielo was born, a small revolution in design signed by Marco Zanuso. A clean cut with the past, squared design and total absence of curves, for a skyscraper made of right angles, to be positioned horizontally or vertically according to one’s mood and space requirements. Today it is reborn with the rr327D+S radio. The plastic body, the new rechargeable lithium battery and the LCD screen make a minimalist and timeless product even more fascinating, copied by many but never surpassed in style, refinement and design.

7 days


Stereo FM radio
DAB/DAB+ digital radio
Radio Alarm Clock
Bluetooth wireless connection
5V USB port for smartphone charging
Lithium battery that guarantees 6h of autonomy
Auxiliary input on 3.5mm stereo jack connector
10 programs storable in FM
10 programs storable in DAB
LCD display
Remote controller
Power supply/charger

Dimensions L9.5 x D9.5 x H28cm

Download the PDF