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radiofonografo worldwide

timeless design around the world

The radiofonografo is an iconic object recognised globally for its uniqueness, exclusivity and craftsmanship. The timeless beauty of the radiofonografo has always determined the enormous appreciation that this art product receives, on a daily basis, in many countries around the world.

It is a special thrill to review some of the most evocative places and significant moments of the BRIONVEGA radiofonografo‘s international presence over the past few months.

In May, in the historic centre of London, a city that has become a world design hub, during Clerkenwell Design Week, hundreds of architects and interior designers were impressed by the iconic beauty of the radiofonografo, and did not hide their excitement at being able to touch and use a symbol of Italian industrial design history.

radiofonografo worldwide

In June, in the centre of Toulouse, the so-called ‘pink city’ of France, the radiofonografo was presented in a special evening, organised by Brionvega’s partner, Design Follies, in with passionate customers and many architects and interior designers. At the heart of the evening were some nice anecdotes of famous people, who over the decades have decided to bind themselves to this iconic object with a special affection.

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In July, in Tokyo, the BRIONVEGA radiofonografo was the protagonist of a Pop-up Store inside Isetan, one of Tokyo’s most exclusive shopping malls. The display of the radiofonografo was designed to convey the true essence of Brionvega Art Products. Each product is a masterpiece, similar but never identical to the others, the natural result of a mainly handcrafted production process.

radiofonografo worldwide

In August, in Seoul, the Brionvega radiofonografo was presented in the context of an extremely exclusive event: the official presentation of the new Porsche Cayenne, at Atelier Cayenne. The exclusive context, full of sophisticated design objects, underlined the lifestyle character of the radiofonografo, able to convey identity and uniqueness to the entire environment in which it is placed.

radiofonografo worldwide

In September, in Dubai, the radiofonografo was one of the stars of an exclusive lifestyle showroom: a special context, perfect for providing unique experiences to very sophisticated customers. The radiofonografo stood out not only for its performance aspect, but above all for its characteristic of being an expression of timeless design, of an important Italian heritage, of a captivating and unique character.

radiofonografo worldwide

The unique beauty of the Art Product radiofonografo is recognised globally, it brings unique emotions to people of different cultures and traditions, who share a passion for an iconic, timeless, charming product. A masterpiece of Italian design, combining innovative design and craftsmanship, it finds more and more new enthusiasts around the world eager to become the custodians of an object that lasts a lifetime, and beyond…