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New dresses for the iconic totem

Brionvega at Fuorisalone 2024

Brionvega presents Mario Bellini’s totem at Milan Design Week in three unique pieces, designed to enhance the iconicity of this timeless object, linking to the theme of the Fuorisalone 2024, Matter and Nature.
Mario Bellini’s totem personifies the concept of innovative, unique and timeless design, like a work of art. The fusion between design and art is the foundation of the idea of ​​creating three “works of high craftsmanship” on the occasion of the Fuorisalone.
The colors selected for this design icon are linked to natural elements, and represent the symbolism of uniqueness and timelessness. The iconic object is therefore presented in shades never used in its long history, but firmly linked to the principles of design of the product itself. The totem comes in the form of a simple cube, with the impact of a perfect, sculptural monolith. By opening the speakers like two wings, the cube transforms into a totem, magically revealing a complete Hi-Fi system and allowing you to experience unique emotions.

New dresses for the iconic totem

A unique object that blends art and design, present in the permanent exhibition of the MoMA in New York as in many other modern art museums around the world. A milestone in the development of global industrial design, it stands out for its aesthetic uniqueness, design complexity and intrinsic attractiveness, capable of creating a special relationship with those who use the product.
These three unique versions of the Totem embody the identifying characteristics of this iconic object: elegance, boldness, strength and purity. Furthermore, they are linked to three natural elements par excellence: water, fire, air. They are finishes that dare, that dare, conveying the idea of ​​a unique masterpiece, of an authentic work of art.

Blue evokes the infinity of the sky and the sea, apparently always the same, but in reality always in continuous transformation. Admiring the sky and the sea you experience an emotion of serenity and tranquility. The shiny cobalt blue amplifies this idea of ​​depth, of contemplation, emotions that you experience listening to your favorite music with the totem.
Blue has embodied elegance and sophistication in the world of fashion for many centuries. The totem in this special finish enhances the idea of ​​exclusive beauty of an attractive object, capable of transmitting a unique style.

Red is a symbol of vitality and passion, and music makes everyone feel these sensations, in a profound and personal way. This is why totem is presented in this finish full of identity. It is not just a special object, but a treasure chest from which engaging emotions arise. Red is an expression of dynamism and optimism, two key values ​​in the history of Brionvega, born in the context of the Italian miracle of the 1960s, a manufacturing company that grew by pursuing the idea that any project should have no limits.
This version of the totem is linked to the stone of the same name, which since ancient times has represented the natural element of fire, understood as an inextinguishable flame, or the sun, source of life and symbol of timelessness. Ruby red, in the universe of interior design, represents bold and dynamic focal points. Totem is perfectly capable of carrying out this role, thanks to the perfection of its volumes and its versatility.

Silver gray is the color of the Moon, which is why it symbolizes the brightness that survives the darkness, purity, stability, strength. These are all concepts that can be recognized in the totem, particularly in this new version. Totem is a monolithic object, an expression of perfect geometry, which blends sound and design. Nothing can better convey the idea of ​​purity and strength. Totem transforms into a safe and stable place where you can experience moments of pure emotion.