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Milan Design Week “coloured” by Brionvega

Fuorisalone 2024

We warmly thank everyone who made the Milan Design Week 2024 so special.
For six intense days, we had the privilege of welcoming you at various locations throughout Milan, offering unique and exciting experiences. We are grateful for the time you dedicated to exploring our offerings, discovering new trends, and sharing your passion for design with us.

Mario Bellini’s totem was a standout feature at Fuorisalone 2024, perfectly embodying the event’s theme of Materia & Natura. This pieces are not merely a product; they represents a blend of art and design. Each component is crafted as a high-end artwork, celebrating the union of form and material.

The selected colors for this design masterpiece draw inspiration from the natural world, infusing the totem with a sense of uniqueness and enduring appeal. These new shades, never before used in its extensive history, resonate deeply with the fundamental principles of product design. The chosen colors were…

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Ruby red: inspired by the eternal fire of the sun, a symbol of boldness and vitality.
Red is a symbol of vitality and passion, and music makes everyone feel these sensations, deeply and personally. That’s why the totem is presented in this finish full of identity. It is not just a special object, but a treasure chest from which to unleash engaging emotions. Red is an expression of dynamism and optimism, two core values of Brionvega’s history, born in the context of the Italian miracle of the 60s, a manufacturing reality that grew by pursuing the idea that any project should have no limits.

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Silver gray: inspired by the purity of the moon, a symbol of balance and harmony.
Silver gray is the color of the Moon, for this reason, it symbolizes the brightness that survives in the dark, purity, stability, strength. These are all concepts that are recognized in the totem, especially in this new version. The totem is a monolithic object, an expression of perfect geometry that blends sound and design. Nothing can convey the idea of purity and strength better. The totem transforms into a safe and stable place, where to live moments of pure emotion.

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Cobalt blue: inspired by the infinite sky, a symbol of timeless elegance.
Blue evokes the infinity of the sky and the sea, seemingly always the same but actually always changing. By admiring the sky and the sea, you experience an emotion of serenity and tranquility. The shiny cobalt blue amplifies this idea of depth, of contemplation, emotions that are lived by listening to one’s favorite music with the totem.

On Tuesday, April 16th, Brionvega was enthusiastic to present these unique objects to an excited audience of interior designers, architects, journalists, customers and design enthusiasts. An evening filled with affection and passion, where the Brionvega Art Products provided unique emotions, thanks to their timeless beauty.

Click here to watch the video of the event

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During the Fuorisalone, another standout was the radiofonografo rr226, a masterpiece limited to just 100 units, crafted from cherry wood and conceived by the Castiglioni brothers. This numbered piece, designed for enthusiasts aspiring to own a true Art Product, captured significant attention at the Metroquality Showroom on Via Solferino.


Cherry is a dark wood with a warm color whose shades vary in a range from reddish to golden brown. Considering the characteristics of cherrywood, you can face an apparent contradiction: it is a strong and compact wood but at the same time associated with its wonderful white and pink flowers to the delicacy and elegance of spring.

This apparent contradiction reflects the dual nature of the radiofonografo: an iconic object characterized by great acoustic reliability but at the same time an expression of unparalleled beauty and elegance in design.

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We sincerely thank you for your support and presence. Please continue to follow us to stay updated on our latest news and future projects. See you at the Fuorisalone 2025!