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Everyone talks about the radiofonografo

Even the international media fell in love with the radiofonografo

The radiofonografo designed by the Castiglioni brothers is not only an icon of Italian design, but it is a masterpiece capable of telling and transmitting many special and unique stories. This is why, in addition to many enthusiasts around the world, numerous journalists also often talk about it, each with their own point of view, each creating their own story, as unique and special as the Brionvega Art Products.

Without hiding a hint of pride, here are some examples of some articles that appeared in international newspapers published in the last summer months.



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“The radiofonografo serves as a timeless heirloom that can be passed down through generations.”

Mandi Keighran on the OnOffice magazine, dedicated to architects and interior designers, illustrates the two souls that coexist in the radiofonografo: fidelity to the original project and the charm of the artisanal production process, which allow this object to always be perceived as timeless design.

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“We are timeless, in the most beautiful sense.”

Anne Goebel, in the leading newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, underlines the cultural contents of the radiofonografo, linking it to a special exhibition, held in Weimar, inside prestigious ancient residences. One of the protagonists of the exhibition is the Brionvega radiofonografo.

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“the Ciliegio is an heirloom for the ages that also plays music.” 

Jonathan Bell, in Wallpaper magazine, presents the limited edition of the radiofonografo in cherry finish in an engaging and exciting way. Only 100 copies, numbered, rich in identity and symbolism. The cherry tree is strength and kindness at the same time, aesthetic beauty combined with the tradition of Italian artisan production.

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“radiofonografo finds its place of honour in the homes of celebrities”

Marcel Shlutt, in the lifestyle magazine Kaltblut, takes us on a tour around the world, passing by many celebrities who have become fond, both in the past and today, of a Brionvega radio. This shows us how the unique beauty of the radiofonografo Art Product is recognized globally.

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“Take some cult pieces… and leave it to the magic…”

Sandrine Place, Elle Decor France, takes its readers on a journey through design icons… presented in iconic colours. The radiofonografo is among the exclusive products that give identity to an entire environment.

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“We are in a place without beginning or end”

Sylvie Becquet, on AD CHINA, presents the radiofonografo and other icons of Italian design, within a museum exhibition, design and art merge synergistically in the timeless design of the radiofonografo.

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